Lost in a Book

A short, swashbuckling play about getting lost – and finding yourself again – in a book.


Synopsis: The library has closed after a busy day. Librarian Jane kicks off her shoes and tidies up the scattered books – but not for long. A surprising encounter challenges her to question everything about herself, and fight for it.

Themes: Identity, the relationship between fantasy and reality, the pleasure of books and reading journeys that can lead to empowerment and empathy. Over forty popular stories are referred to in the course of the play, along with a celebration of libraries.

Requirements: A library with enough room for audience, existing bookshelves, childrens’ play tent.

(35-40 mins)


Presentation: http://issuu.com/flyingpizza/docs/lost_in_a_book_final_presentation_15d334ea825a2c?e=13179382/9054641

More information: https://www.spinningpizzaarts.org/

JANE: So you’re a hero are you?

CHARACTER:Yes. I’m a hero-in-waiting, waiting to star in my story. Aren’t you? Aren’t we all?

JANE:I…I suppose so. I’d never thought about it like that.

Alicia and Euan.JPG copy

The audience liked …

  • that it catered for adults and young people alike, and drew bystanders in from the library

  • the many references – from Shakespeare to William Burrows to Douglas Adams

  • the action sequences and surprises – that it was about the life of the library and books

  • the librarian’s character, had empathy with her

  • the humour

  • the use of the library space and the quirky things on shelves – and the song

  • the way it made a library come to life in a new way

  • the fight scene! 

  • how it really portrayed the library as so much more than books! It has great potential for a community and book festival audience.

  • Developed with the support of Creative ScotlandPrint